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Treasure Hunt Bath is a great activity for your team-building event, office away day or an activity to bring together remote teams.

We’ve organised hundreds of excellent experiences, catering for groups of 6—200!

A group of colleagues enjoying a treasure hunt, stood in the sunshine.
5 colleagues posing outside a catherdral playing a treasure hunt.
A group of people playing a treasure hunt on their phones outside a church.
Four people posing by a flood sign while out on a treasure hunt as part of their work do.
A large group of people outside a church ruin, playing a treasure hunt
A large group of workmates, dressed up as pirates with inflatable swords, out on a treasure hunt

How the game works

The game works like a Whatsapp Group chat with a pirate character who leads each team around Bath. They have to figure out cryptic clues by finding things in the city.

Everyone in a team can access their link on their own phones. They all see each others' messages just like a group chat.

Screenshot of a group message

Demo game: Treasure Hunt Bath

Here’s a demo game (open on your phone):

Split into teams of 6

For big groups we suggest breaking into teams of up to 6.

Each team should start 5 minutes apart. That way they aren’t on each others' toes but they’ll see each other at any planned breaks along the way.

Duration & breaks

The game takes 1½–2½ hours depending on breaks.

We recommend planning in a break at one of Bath’s excellent venues along the way.

Here’s a map of Bath showing the full route (no spoilers!):

Start and end points

The game starts at the front of Bath Abbey and takes them on a fixed route that we’ve carefully designed.

It ends at Sally Lunn’s House.

Make it a competition

When each team finishes, they are awarded a score.

To get a perfect score, they’d need to get every clue right first time with no hints.

As each team finishes, their score will appear on your leaderboard. When all teams are finished, you can refresh the leaderboard to see who won.

Leaderboard page showing multiple teams

We suggest competing on score rather than time as it’s nicer to ṫake your time rather than rushing.

How to book

Pay by card

It costs £9.99 per person (including VAT).

The fastest and easiest way is to book online and pay by card.

You’ll get all your games and instructions instantly.

Pay by invoice

Contact us if you’d prefer an invoice. Invoices must be paid at latest 3 working days before your game.

Once it’s paid, we’ll create your games and send your instructions manually.

We normally charge a manual payment fee (£20 plus VAT). To avoid this, book online and pay by card.

You allocate teams

You’ll get an email with a unique link for each team.

As the organiser, you allocate people into teams and give the links to the people in each team.

Need help?

Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.

Ready to book?

Book online now.

After much planning, prep and date changes (thanks Paul for your flexibility), we decided to start the treasure hunt on the hottest day of the year and it turned out to be the perfect activity for a little team building! With clear instructions and real time location information you couldn’t go wrong! The clues were the right mix of taxing to add to the challenge and easy to keep our attention. The hunt helped us see parts of Bath that we wouldn’t usually notice and it was great to learn new things about a local place. It was particularly good that the tour is self-paced, so lots of refreshment stops on the way! Would recommend this to anyone who likes a little challenge, along with a bit of fun!

“This was such a brilliant experience the technology was simple and easy to use. We had so much fun, the clues were just the the right level of challenge and the distance was very easy. The route was very interesting learnt lots about Bath and it was a perfect way to get introduced to a new city or just have a pleasant walk with your partner or fiends. Well worth the money! Cant wait to try the other cities.”

—GrandTour234902, Tripadvisor

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